Following the emissive evaluation- positive thanks to the adoption of zero-emission technology- ECO2ZONE decided to commit itself more and more: it has chosen to neutralize the overall emissions of its entire annual company exercise in the emissions path CO2 zero® of Rete Clima®, in a logic of "preventive environmental compensation", to get the company's carbon neutrality.

This compensation has been made on the basis of two projects:

  • national compensatory forest project of Rete Clima®, such as the compensatory forest of Milan (MI):
  • UNFCCC environmental project (United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change) CER_CN_868 (HFC-23 Decomposition Project of Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd, P. R. China)

which together contribute to the complete neutralization of the annual emissions of the company, as quantified above.

The values of the present carbon assessment and carbon management process, which is part of the ECO2ZONE CO2 emission zero environmental responsibility path, are linked to:

  • growth of the company's internal awareness about its climate impacts,
  • reporting to customers about the specific green attentions of "ECO2ZONE srl", in terms of accounting and management (compensation) of their corporate greenhouse gas emissions, thus constituting fundamental steps in the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and responsibility corporate environmental.

pdf icon e2zCertification 2018 ECO2ZONE

pdf icon e2zCertificate of CO2 emissions zero ECO2ZONE 2018 (QrcM)



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