Systems for electrical efficiency through the regulation and optimization of electricity supplied by the network with application in the tertiary sector.
The applied technology is of the “Plug&Play” type, without any need for additional work or incidence on the existing plant.
This feature makes the application highly replicable, being able to be installed on any type of electrical system.

The system intervenes by correcting the electricity supply parameters (unnecessary overvoltage peaks), deriving from the distributor and influenced by external parameters outside the control of the end user.


Through the system the electric current collection is organized and rationalized through the introduction of equipment that regulate, in some cases stabilize and modify, the flow of energy present on the internal electric network.

The main advantage of EcoPower is the reduction of electricity consumption and of the maximum power required, with the same performance supplied to end users. The voltage control allows a reduction of the energy dissipated on the cables, as well as the elimination of potential machine stops and/or faults on the devices due to overvoltages.

EcoPower is equipped with a bypass circuit, the same allows to exclude it from the passage of electricity. The activation of the bypass can be automatic, in the case of power supply parameters outside those that can be managed by the system itself, or manual, through a release button present on the system itself.

The future goals for the further development of the system are:

  • Develop an automatic system of “switch ON/OFF” of the machine remotely, in order to facilitate the procedure of controlling the system’s performance.
  • Develop a certified system performance monitoring protocol.


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