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Energy monitoring system implemented at “BMS”, based on a web platform interfaced with measuring instruments for the separate energy acounting of the building consumption.

The objective of the EcoEMS project was to develop an experimental software platform on the web of Energy Management System (EMS) for the real estate sector and able to manage the entire building stock owned by a single property on a single platform.


Reasearch & Development focused on two objectives:

1. Create an efficient and functional data communication system that allows the transmission of the same via wireless rather than through the classic wired cable system (developed in 2018).

2. Implement in the basic software platform, provided by the primary American software house:

  • A calculation system able to share the costs related to centralized energy consumption in a building or multitenant logistics.
  • A calculation system that can determine the environmental impact generated by the building and the related environmental savings produced over time.




EcoEMS, developed by the internal Eco2zone’s R&D is today a system with a reliable wireless communication, highly flexible in the applicability of the instrumentation in the field, devoid of all the heavy technical and economic constraints due to the laying of the cables. The software, thanks to the new calculation algorithms developed, guarantees the upgrading of a simple Energy Monitoring System (able to collect and process energy data) to Energy Management System (able to manage the energy data collected and processed for the purpose of allocating energy expenditure and environmental impact assessment).


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