Eco Design

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Energy efficiency + natural construction techniques + building aesthetics = Eco Design.

ECO2ZONE designs and develops customized Eco-design solutions. Today’s ever-stricter energy requirements for technical plant are designed into the architecture of buildings, harmonizing perfectly with the use of natural materials.




Building envelope insulation and thermal efficiency:

  • better thermal performance, winter and summer
  • lower energy requirements
  • use of materials with low solar reflectance to reduce “heat island” effect
  • recycled and zero-miles materials wherever possible
  • green roof system

High performance cladding, doors and windows:

  • distinctive architectural features
  • improved heat & moisture characteristics
  • maximum use of natural light
  • low transmittance door & window glazing


Reconditioning interiors:

  • healthiest possible indoor air
  • improved aesthetics
  • less need for air conditioning/treatment 



Internal water management systems:

  • water metering by individual user
  • lagging hot water pipes
  • filtered drinking water supply
  • shower regulators and low-flow taps
  • timed-flow taps

Water management and recycling facilities:

  • rainwater collection & storage equipment
  • non-drinking water used for washing and toilets

Optimized and automated lighting systems:

  • LED lamps
  • optimal positioning of lights
  • light intensity adjustable by dimmer switches
  • motion sensors or timers to turn on security lights
  • automated lighting management system

Building management systems:

  • plant management control panel
  • multipurpose plants for producing primary circuit fluids
  • photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal systems



Design criteria

The following characteristics are “designed in”, to comply with recognized international protocols:

  • sparing use of water
  • energy efficiency
  • air quality, natural light and acoustic comfort
  • integration with the surrounding urban fabric
  • user awareness


  • building certification (LEED, BREEAM, ITACA)
  • lower emissions
  • energy and water efficiency
  • lower maintenance costs
  • market attractiveness
  • maximized property value

Buildings can be designed with a view to certification under the latest internationally recognized protocols which consider not only the building’s own envelope, but also environmental, social and other matters relating to its subsequent management.

The most widely recognized of these standards include:


LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design:
a standard originating in the USA but now enjoying widespread international recognition. It certifies buildings according to a four-level classification (Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum)

breeam BREEAM – Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method: widely recognized in English-speaking countries

ITACA – Istituto per l’innovazione e trasparenza degli appalti e la compatibilità ambientale (Institute for Innovation and Transparency in Government Procurement and Environmental Compatibility): recognized throughout Italy



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