Building Division

Structural building maintenance and conservation of facilities using natural materials and technologies with a low environmental impact.

The Division protects and conserves property assets in two principal ways:

  • ECO-BUILDING: the design, construction and renovation of buildings with low energy consumption and minimal impact on the environment.
  • LIGHTING SOLUTIONS: the design, production and sale of high-efficiency lighting with reduced environmental impact (the LEED green building rating system, BREEAM, &c.).

The Building Division aims for “sustainable” solutions at every stage of a building’s life, from design to construction and beyond (Facility Management).

The Division’s key concepts are emissions reduction, energy optimization, cost control and longer building life.


Systems for electrical efficiency through the regulation and optimization of electricity supplied by the network with application in the tertiary sector.

Eco Design

Energy efficiency + natural construction techniques + building aesthetics = Eco Design.

ECO2ZONE designs and develops customized Eco-design solutions. Today’s ever-stricter energy requirements for technical plant are designed into the architecture of buildings, harmonizing perfectly with the use of natural materials.


Energy monitoring system implemented at “BMS”, based on a web platform interfaced with measuring instruments for the separate energy acounting of the building consumption.


EcoWater is the result of an advanced R&D project aimed at elimination legionella in water in the real estate sector.


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