Landscape Division

Safeguarding and conserving the environmental and natural heritage (parks, gardens, etc.), to support the quality of community life through innovative low-impact services and technologies.

  • MANAGING WATER, AIR and NOISE TREATMENT: technologies and products to minimize the environmental impact of water use, air pollution and noise.
  • LANDSCAPE CHEMISTRY: landscaping and environmental design to protect biodiversity.
  • ECO-MOBILITY: developing technologies, products, systems and services to enable mobility with lower environmental, social and economic impact from vehicles.

The ECO2ZONE Landscape Division’s sustainable innovations are designed to conserve the environmental and natural heritage and support green lifestyles for the benefit of the community. Respect for the environment, cost savings and green communication are the Division’s key concepts, and its strategy is one of ecological efficiency to limit both cost and environmental impact.

All man-made negative effects influence climate change, which the Italian environmental association Legambiente has described as “… humanity’s foremost enemy, and the biggest challenge green activism needs to tackle” (VIII National Congress, 2008). Working with technical solutions that emit less greenhouse gases, accordingly, means helping to contribute to reduce the impact of human activity on the climate.

EcoBreath: the right plants for a healthy office

To foster sustainable mobility, ECO2ZONE offers transport technologies, products, systems and services that can reduce the environmental, social and economic impact of motor vehicles. Such eco-mobility includes the EcoBike, a solution combining the convenience of a motorized vehicle with the advantages of a classic bicycle.

The EcoBike: no-worries sustainable mobility

Many office technology devices generate low-frequency electromagnetic fields that interact with living matter (including human tissue); this has various direct and indirect effects which must be guarded against as they can have serious consequences for people’s health and safety.


Designing parks and gardens to safeguard biodiversity and protect the natural landscape.

Our technology uses plant-based water purification, irrigation and natural pools. Landscape furniture (walkways, gazebos, benches &c.) is designed to give comfort and convenience without disturbing the harmony of the landscape.


An innovative technological solution for the maintenance of public and private green spaces.

Ecoland is an innovative grass maintenance service using automated equipment with a low environmental impact. One immediately obvious benefit is the quality of the landscape managed in this way: the number of cuts is significantly higher than with a traditional service.


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