Green Line

Safeguard and conservation of environmental and natural heritage (parks, gardens, etc.), to support the quality of life of the community, through innovative services and technologies with low impacts.

  • WATER, AIR and NOISE TREATMENT: technologies and products, for the containment of the environmental impacts of water, air and noise.
  • GREEN CHEMISTRY: landscape and environmental design to protect biodiversity.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT: waste management, from the collection to the reuse of waste materials.
  • ECO-MOBILITY: development of technologies, products, systems and services to realize ways of moving that can reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by vehicles.

The sustainable innovation promoted by Eco2Zone Green Line aims at preserving environmental and natural heritage and supporting a green lifestyle for the community. Environmental respect, economic savings and green communication are the key words of the Green Line. An eco-efficiency strategy to limit costs and impacts on the environment.

Every negative impact, generated by man, influences climate change, already defined by Legambiente as "... the first enemy of humanity and the most important challenge that must commit environmentalism" (VIII National Legambiente Congress, 2008): operating through technical solutions with low emissions of greenhouse gases means then to contribute to reducing the climate impact of human actions.



An innovative technological solution applied to the maintenance of public and private green spaces.

Ecoland is an innovative service for lawn maintenance, executed through automated equipment, with low environmental impact.



Design of parks and gardens to protect biodiversity and protect the natural landscape.

The applied technology aims at promoting phytodepuration, irrigation and the birth of bio-pools. The choice of furnishings (walkways - gazebos - benches) is functional to improving comfort while maintaining the harmony of the landscape.


EcoBreath: the right plants for a healthy office

Many of the technological tools in the offices generate low-frequency electromagnetic fields that interact with biological matter (and therefore also with humans) generating direct and indirect effects. These effects can cause serious consequences on health and safety of people, so they must be prevented.


EcoBike: sustainable mobility zero thoughts

In favour of sustainable mobility, Eco2Zone proposes technologies, products, systems and services to create means of transport able to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts generated by vehicles (eco-mobility). Among these, Eco bike represents a solution that combines the convenience of a motorized vehicle with the advantages of a classic bicycle.




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