Building Line

Preservation and conservation of buildings structures and facilities through natural materials and technologies with low environmental impact.

Safeguard and conservation of real estate heritage through:

  • ECO-BUILDING: design, construction and renovation of buildings with low energy consumption or low environmental impact.
  • LIGHTING SOLUTIONS: design, production or sale of lighting solutions with high-efficiency and reduced environmental impact (LEED green building rating system - BREEAM etc.).

The "sustainable" Building line during all phases of the building life cycle, from design to construction and subsequent management of it (Facility Management).
Reduction of polluting emissions, energy and economic optimization, extension of the building’s life cycle are the key words of the Building Line.


Eco Design

Energy Efficiency + Natural Building Techniques + Aesthetics of the Property = Eco Design.

ECO2ZONE designs and develops customized Eco-design solutions. Plant requirements, increasingly rigorous in energy terms, are integrated into the architecture by the natural materials in a full aesthetic harmony.



Applied technologies aimed at the safeguard of building resource.



A high-efficiency energy solution that contributes to improving the healthiness and the climatic comfort of the environments.

Hemp + Natural Dolomitic Binder® = EcoBeton




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