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Rete Clima certifies: 7,760 kg CO2 eq neutralized by Eco2zone in 2018

Eco2zone has received the Rete Clima certificate relating to CO2 emissions for the year 2018.

Rete clima e2z

Rete Clima is a non-profit organization that promotes actions of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability in the private sector and public procurement. After careful evaluation of the various company parameters, support for environmental projects carried out in developing countries (UNFCCC CN_868) and the parallel support for the new Italian national forestation, it was confirmed that Eco2zone neutralized 7.760 kg of CO2 eq in 2018. 

Rete Clima promotes the “Percorso Emissioni CO2 zero”: a highly vertical integrated supply chain aimed at assessing and managing greenhouse gas emissions from products, services, organizations, mobility and events. The projects of new urban compensatory forestation in Italy are developed to increase the greenery in the territory and to combat global climate change. 

Eco2zone confirms itself as a start-up that strongly believes in sustainability and in the need to propose increasingly innovative technological solutions, able to provide energy efficiency, savings in management costs, environmental protection and quality of buildings. 



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