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Industry 4.0: ECO2ZONE presents the future

Applying innovative automated systems to our three lines of business

News novembre

Industry 4.0 is a model of production and business management that invests in automation for industry and government so as to improve working conditions, boost productivity and raise quality.

Throughout Europe there are many government-run projects to roll out this “fourth industrial revolution” across the economy through tax incentives and loans for upgrading companies’ connectivity and digital integration. In Italy, the Department of Economic Development (MISE) has brought in legislation to support and encourage companies that invest in new capital assets, tangible and intangible (computer software and systems), that can be used to transform production processes with digital technology. This is promoted by means of the following tax breaks:

  • accelerated amortization: 140% enhancement for investment in new capital goods, purchased or leased.
  • highly accelerated amortization: 250% enhancement of deductibility for investment in new capital equipment, devices and technology purchased or leased to facilitate Industry 4.0 transformations.

Firms benefiting from the Highly Accelerated Amortization scheme can also get subsidies for capital spending on computer software and systems. New digital technology plays a major part in development and innovation: new connectivity implementations are everywhere: in big data, open data, the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine and cloud computing, all leading to central information availability and storage, and in machine learning and analytics that can steadily “learn” from data as they are collected and analysed. There are also strong trends towards machine-to-machine interaction and new technological solutions for the carefully targeted storage and use of energy to rationalize costs and improve performance. ECO2ZONE is playing its part in all of these. Efficiency in our “Buildings” work is achieved by applying innovative energy monitoring systems  on the iCloud platform, automated to provide integrated monitoring and management of buildings. We have also installed fully-automated plants to generate renewable energy, their on-board PLCs interfacing via the Internet so that generation performance and malfunctions can be checked  from any computer or smartphone. Finally, ECO2ZONE’s Landscape Division offers its technological solution for automated grass-cutting , Ecoland  , which uses smartphone apps for reporting operational status and even remote control via Bluetooth. All these innovative technological solutions provided by ECO2ZONE improve energy efficiency in accordance with the “Industry 4.0” model.




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