Happy Earth Day

ECO2ZONE & FSI contribute to the "Canopy Project" campaign

Earth day1

On World Earth Day (22 April 2017) ECO2ZONE and FSI announced a contribution to earthday.org’s Canopy Project campaign against global deforestation.

The Canopy Project is a world-wide project which in 2020 is due to celebrate its 50th anniversary and its 7.8bn trees planted around the world.

As conservation of the natural world, respect for the environment and the transmission of a valued heritage have always been the main selling points for ECO2ZONE and FSI, we decided this year to make a symbolic donation of $1 towards adopting and planting a tree on behalf of each of our stakeholders.

Happy World Earth Day!

Details of the campaign and our donation can be found here: http://www.earthday.org/campaigns/reforestation/



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