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ECO2ZONE’s “Ecoland” solution

Using modern technology to cut CO2 emissions

Ecoland news

Ecoland  is a solution created by ECO2ZONE, a company controlled by FSI Srl and run by its Chairman Alessandro Belloni. By using modern technology it lowers CO2 emissions and makes substantial cost savings for the customer.

Interest in environmental sustainability is more and more widespread, as can be seen from the legislation of 13 December 2013 setting minimum standards in the letting of contracts to manage public green spaces. So the whole market is urgently looking for original, innovative solutions with a low environmental impact; and Ecoland  provides the ideal means of reducing direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide, limiting noise, and cutting costs.

Ecoland  is a service provided by ECO2ZONE’s Landscape Division, the one engaged in protecting and conserving the environmental heritage by means of activities that come under the headings of Green Chemistry, Waste Management, Environmental Services, Water and Air Treatment, Noise Reduction and  Industrial Biotechnology. Climate change – described by Legambiente as “the foremost first enemy of humanity” – can only be overcome if we respect the environment. Ecoland  can deliver a CO2 reduction of 2,500 kg/year for every 10,000 square meters of green space.



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