ECO2ZONE opens in Italy and abroad

New investment strategies for environmental sustainability

Eco2zone ireland

Alessandro Belloni’s commitment to R&D work undertaken by FSI (where he is Managing director) has been more and more strongly demonstrated in recent years by the various investment plans he has devoted to the design and development of new environmental sustainability solutions for protecting the natural heritage and property assets.

Towards the end of 2014 Alessandro Belloni played a leading part within FSI in setting up ECO2ZONE, a company the shareholders were keen on establishing to actively promote innovation in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency, in line with European directives on limiting CO2 emissions.

Against that background, ECO2ZONE has a range of projects, services, solutions and/or products to offer its customers and the market generally, all characterized by their low environmental impact and potential for reducing or totally eliminating CO2 emissions. The lines of business in which ECO2ZONE is engaged are three:

Under Alessandro Belloni’s guidance ECO2ZONE opened a new branch in Dublin in 2015, laying the foundations of a powerful bid to expand the company internationally.