ECO2ZONE core business

Environmental services provided through innovative solutions

Core business e2z

ECO2ZONE, led by Alessandro Belloni the CEO of FSI Srl, is an environmental services company offering innovative solutions based on green technology and protocols that offer cost savings and a reduced impact on the ecosystem.

The company excels at understanding environmental damage so as to prevent it; in collaboration with the non-profit organization Rete Clima® , it has a regular programme to measure and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions arising from its activities. To demonstrate this commitment further, ECO2ZONE opted to neutralize the global emissions deriving from its operations each year by using the Zero CO2® emissions pathway designed by Rete Clima®. The company aimed at carbon neutrality, and achieved it. The pathway began with two offsetting projects, one for afforestation (the Giussano carbon sink) and one for energy (under the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change). All this ensured the complete neutralization of the company’s emissions for the year 2016.



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