Mission and values


To research, develop and apply innovative technology for energy conversion and energy saving so as to safeguard property assets, conserve the natural heritage and enhance the quality of community life.

ECO2ZONE offers its customers low-impact projects, services, solutions and/or products that can reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions.

ECO2ZONE’s environmentally sustainable offerings are addressed to official institutions and companies that want more efficient production processes with a view to safeguarding the environment and keeping costs down.



We firmly believe in the need for ever more innovative solutions to generate and use energy more efficiently, save running costs, safeguard the environment and maintain building quality.

Our firm is a dynamic ideas lab, where the constant quest for innovation is the essence of our response to the customer’s needs. We seek out new technologies and new applications to achieve the customer’s goals while making sure the environment is protected.

We’re always on the lookout for creative, effective solutions; we pay attention at all times to the characteristics of the particular situation.

We have both a personal and a collective commitment to justifying the trust placed in us through transparency and diligence in doing the job we’re commissioned to do.


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