What we do

What we do


ECO2ZONE offers low-impact projects, services, solutions and/or products that can reduce or eliminate CO2 emissions.

It addresses the needs of official institutions and companies that recognize the environmental threats to our planet and want to help protect it, and those of organizations seeking more efficient production processes and environmentally sustainable solutions that can generate synergies and keep costs down.



Safeguarding and conserving the environmental and natural heritage (parks, gardens, etc.), to support the quality of community life through innovative low-impact services and technologies.

Energy optimization for commercial and industrial applications, including the use of advanced technology to generate energy from renewable resources.

Structural building maintenance and conservation of facilities using natural materials and technologies with a low environmental impact.

An integrated approach that makes the customer’s core business more effective by designing, planning and providing environmental services that enable it to adapt easily and quickly to market changes, to make the most of its property assets and to enhance its workplaces.


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