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A green roof helps the environment and saves money

The Ecolandscape creation for BBraun has received certification for the CO2 reduction of Rete Clima.

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Environmental Sustainability has always been one of the distinctive values ​​of Eco2Zone, a key concept on which the company operates. Today the Environmental Sustainability policy is an important recognition for Eco2Zone thanks to Rete Clima, a non-profit organization that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability actions in the private sector and public procurement. 

Eco2Zone, in cooperation with VME, has designed and built for BBraun, a German medical and pharmaceutical company with offices and facilities in 64 countries, a roof garden for the redevelopment of the roof area of ​​the building located in via Vincenzo da Seregno, 14 in Milan . The choice of the intended use of the area was dictated not only by the economic benefits deriving from it, but by important social and environmental improvements. 

Rete Clima has in fact issued a certificate for the reduction of CO2 on the basis of the data documented in the Energy Diagnosis by Eco2Zone, where the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to the lower consumption of buildings is quantified: this is 20,250 kg CO2 / year saved. 

The application of Ecolandscape solutions therefore guarantees high Environmental Sustainability thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment, obtained, as in the case in question, with the “ad hoc” design of the green area and a management and maintenance activity in low impact.



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